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The Moreau | VanTuinen Duo offers a variety of performance and clinic options ranging from high school sessions to festival/collegiate residencies. Our 2019 season brings a series of recital programs consisting of solo and chamber works for percussion and low brass. In addition to these performances, we also provide any of the educational options as part of university residencies. All offerings are tailored to an individual program's interests. Please connect with us for more information. 


The following are sample programs and are subject to modification.

Requests from our repertoire list are welcome. 


Newly Commissioned Works

for Percussion and Euphonium


Solo & Chamber Works

for Percussion and Low Brass


Works for Marimba

and Euphonium

Want It. Need It. Have It. 

Bring the Noise

New piece by Elizabeth Knox

Journal no. 1

New piece by Megan DeJarnett




Soul'd Out

Gymnopédie no. 1

Jolly Caballero

Pair Up

Pocket Grooves

euphonium solo, TBA

percussion solo, TBA

El Alacrán


Bring the Noise

Want It. Need It. Have It.

Four Dialogues


Strata VII


Three Haiku

5 Esquisses

Concerto Grosso


"Bring the Noise" features compositions for percussion and euphonium commissioned by the duo between 2016-now. Ranging from fixed media electronics to theatrical works, found objects to traditional instruments, and non-keyboard to keyboard percussion only, this program highlights the very best of the new repertoire for this contemporary chamber ensemble. 


"Elision", the process of merging things or abstract ideas, features solo and chamber works for percussion and low brass. Included in this program is a mix of commissioned and original works, as well as adaptations and arrangements of pieces outside our literature. Additionally, the program emphasizes chamber music for percussion and trombone, tuba, or euphonium. 


Spanish for 'wood and metal', "Madera y Metal" explores the rich timbres found in marimba and euphonium literature. This program includes pieces commissioned by, premiered by, and written for the Moreau | VanTuinen Duo, as well as standard literature. With music from Japan, Switzerland, Spain, and the USA, this program is as diverse as our sound. 


Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction with for students in either the percussion or low brass studios on technique, musicality, or repertoire coaching. 


Performances of solo or ensemble repertoire as a means of group discussion and direct feedback. While commonly for percussion and low brass studios, masterclasses are open to all areas. 

Clinics and Presentations

Presentations on a variety of topics including career development as a 21st-century musician, communication in chamber playing, and strategies for body awareness and physical well-being. Designed to meet the needs of all areas within the arts. 

Individual Career Sessions

One-on-one instruction on topics such as career development, social media, branding, CV design and building, and self-promotion. Intended for any discipline within the arts . 

Artist Residencies

Residencies offer a comprehensive package of the above options tailored to meet the needs or interests of the individual program. A typical residency may include:

  • Performance of Etienne Crausaz's Concerto Grosso with university wind band

  • A performance of "Bring the Noise"

  • Full or shared solo recitals by each duo member

  • Private lessons and/or career sessions

  • Presentation of "The Enterprising Musician: Career Development in the 21st-Century"

  • Masterclasses with area studios


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